Summer, Spirits and Scenery

This time of year it’s always fun to get outside to enjoy the weather, soak up some nature - and a favorite beverage or two. A great way to do that is to enjoy a cocktail on one of my favorite local restaurant patios! Franklin offers many treasures beyond this list, so no matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed…

Valentine Gifts That’ll Warm Hearts … And Make You Look & Feel Real Cool, Too

Finding the right gift for Valentine's Day can be as elusive as your search for that special someone. That’s why we turned to Jamie Atlas. As Chair of the Fashion Department at O’More College of Design, Jamie is dialed-in when it comes to sources around town that feature unique gifts, many that are designed locally. Here are Jamie’s Picks for…

What’s Shaking in Franklin’s Finest Cocktail Lounges

October is a great time of year for all sorts of spirits. And if you favor spirits in a glass over those that come knocking on your door asking for treats, there are plenty of establishments in Franklin that are willing to introduce you to something that’ll do the trick.

Shake-up & Stir Your Summer

When the heat and long days of summer take their toll on you, a refreshing summer cocktail is the perfect treat to enjoy while you relax and unwind. For a little heat-beating inspiration, we asked Shawn Spitaleri from the Honeysuckle in Franklin to share some drink mixing tips and recipes.