What’s In Your Gym Bag?

Aaron Hines is a true fitness guy. A former football athlete, he's been working out since he was 16-years-old. At an early age, he learned the importance of taking care of your body. With a long list of training certifications, he opened Premier Performance Training in April of 2019 (after two years of operating under The Next Level Personal Training) with a vision where individuals…

Thanksgiving Mishaps

Local Instagram influencers Cari-Beth McDonald and Emily Woods are the mamas behind @FranklinTNFamilyFun. Not only are they in the know about what goes on in this town but they also share their love for our community and everyday life (plus cute pics of their kiddos)! We asked them to share some funny Thanksgiving misadventures too.

Five Ice Cream Shops to Visit Before Summer Ends

Nothing tastes more like summer than some good, creamy cold ice cream. Make sure to hit these favorites!

Needlework Keepsakes

Everyone wants a souvenir from a place to which they have traveled. Souvenirs serve as a token of remembrance of time well spent with friends and family. But instead of shot glasses, keychains, pencils and T-shirts, why not try something different like a needlework canvas? Steer your out-of-town relatives and visiting friends away from the usual souvenir shops and check out…

Happy Father’s Day!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about a gift for dear ol' Dad. Luckily, all it takes is a quick trip down Main Street to find something to suit every taste. Here are just a few ideas: 

Any Way You Frame It

Artwork is often treated as the last piece of the interior design puzzle. Paint colors, furniture, flooring, even lighting gets center stage before anyone even thinks about what to put on the walls of your home. But the right frame around a treasured family photograph or a piece of artwork that you just love really makes a room appear finished. The right…

Favorite Kitchen Tools

Everybody has their favorite "go-to" gadget when they're preparing meals in their kitchens. Some cooking tools have very specific purposes while others can basically do just about anything. And the gadgets run the gamut from useless to useful, so how do you decide what to spend your money on? We asked executive chef Callie Cottrell from Menu Makers what she…

Five Things I Love with Hannah Dinoia

 Article Maria Dinoia | Photography Peggy Weatherford  Kind. Shy. Intelligent. Talented. These are just a few of the words that describe Hannah Dinoia, a seemingly typical teenage girl. A sophomore at Franklin High School, Dinoia plays on the school volleyball team, is active in the leadership club, volunteers with Best Buddies and works hard to maintain an A average. And when…

Local Firefighter Tom LoSchiavo and 4-year-old Son, Sal, Share Their Favorite Haunts

 Article Ashley Hutcheson | Photography Provided  Fave local eatery: MafiaOza's or Mellow Mushroom  Fave place to hang with friends: Chick-Fil-A

Luxurious Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

 Article Maria Dinoia | Photography Provided by King Jewelers  Cartier Panthere Watch  Kings1912.com, $22,800


Kept in safe, dry place, and cleaned and sharpened regularly, these essential tools will last for years.

Backstage Pass

In the Nashville area, great makers are hiding among us in plain sight. Kayte Bryon is one of those great treasures living in Franklin While spending a lot of her time recalling tales that acclaim her husband’s talents, the ribbons of her enormous career slip in, and you begin to sense the magnitude of talent she possesses. 
An Oregon native…

Summer, Spirits and Scenery

This time of year it’s always fun to get outside to enjoy the weather, soak up some nature - and a favorite beverage or two. A great way to do that is to enjoy a cocktail on one of my favorite local restaurant patios! Franklin offers many treasures beyond this list, so no matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed…

Valentine Gifts That’ll Warm Hearts … And Make You Look & Feel Real Cool, Too

Finding the right gift for Valentine's Day can be as elusive as your search for that special someone. That’s why we turned to Jamie Atlas. As Chair of the Fashion Department at O’More College of Design, Jamie is dialed-in when it comes to sources around town that feature unique gifts, many that are designed locally. Here are Jamie’s Picks for…

What’s Shaking in Franklin’s Finest Cocktail Lounges

October is a great time of year for all sorts of spirits. And if you favor spirits in a glass over those that come knocking on your door asking for treats, there are plenty of establishments in Franklin that are willing to introduce you to something that’ll do the trick.