New Year’s Eve Hot Spot

On Dec. 31, Homestead Manor will welcome 2019 with plenty of good food and fanfare. The restaurant located inside the antebellum home on the multi-layer property in Thompson’s Station will host a special three-course dinner featuring locally sourced ingredients and produce right from the Homestead Manor backyard farm, followed by a celebration held in the concept’s rustic events barn. 

Enjoy a Guys’ Night Out

 Article Paige Swope | Photography Lisa Linn Manley  The sprawling beer scene in Middle Tennessee is becoming an entity amongst both craft and classic beer drinkers. The number of breweries continue to rise as craft and artisan brewers dive into the drinking sphere. In 2016, the most recent year of released data, the Brewers Association reported Tennessee was the state…

School of Rock

As a Music City parent, you have a choice in after-school music education programs. Local talent is phenomenal, and music flows widely, from bluegrass to classical, from musical theater to choir.

Bringing High-Quality Local Flavor to Franklin Tables

If you’ve ever shopped for groceries and gotten frustrated trying to decipher ingredients on food labels, you're not alone. Like many health-conscious Americans, Ashlea and Matt Hogancamp felt a growing discontent with the quality of readily available food. As parents of a two-year-old daughter, this issue has become increasingly important to them. After years of dreaming and planning, they decided…

Serving a slice of authenticity

Most people have fond food memories from childhood. Cookies Mom used to bake. Hotdogs at the ball game. Popsicles from the ice cream truck and so many others. If you’re from Brooklyn, you may remember spending time at the local pizza joint. Just a taste of real New York-style pizza may be enough to send you straight back to a…