Svelte Stems

After the last sparkle of glitter is finally gone, one glance at the calendar shows spring and warm weather destinations are looming in the very near distance. Even under the best of healthy intentions, a little holiday love can show up on the scale. The new year is busy and often blustery and getting to the gym isn't always a…

Put Your Best Face Forward

These days, first impressions are important. With a brand new, unique concept, two middle Tennessee medical practitioners have teamed up to help patients make a positive—and confident—first impression. Dr. Jana Crim, optometrist, and nurse practitioner Haley Wood opened the doors to two new practices under one roof earlier this spring—Berry Farms Eyecare and The Look Facial Aesthetics, respectively. Together, these…

The Health Condition No One Wants to Talk About

People like talking about their health. It’s not uncommon to hear folks openly discussing their blood pressure, their kid’s nut allergies or posting about their gluten-free diet. But rarely do you hear anyone talking about their incontinence issues. Rather than discussing it with friends, family or even health providers, many choose simply to suffer in silence.

Concierge Health Care Comes to Williamson County

You could argue that our ever-evolving health care system poses more questions than solutions. In response to those changes and challenges, Dr. Aaron Wenzel has founded Brentwood MD, a luxury and concierge medical practice.