Women in Business

"Amazing" knows no description, but its location seems to be Franklin. Walking around town, you could pass by a "for sale" sign, be searching for chic decor for a party or need help at the Williamson County mayor’s office and encounter these inspirational women. Their accomplishments and outlook encourage everyone they meet.

The DAR Difference

Throughout Aubrey Williams' deployment, she and more than 400 soldiers received thoughtful care packages and letters from Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) members. After her five years in the Army, she accepted a job in Franklin and decided to join the volunteer organization that helped her through her military service. Now the Tennessee State Chairman of the DAR Service for Veterans and…

Now Serving: A Cup of Love

One of the first things you may notice when walking through the doors of The Café at Thistle Farms is the unique teacup artwork that hangs from the ceiling in the entryway, displaying more than 1,100 different teacups. Hal Cato, CEO of Thistle Farms, shares that the project was designed by the interior team at McAlpine House and executed by Andy Harding, a local…

The Registry Is Not Just For Weddings

Kathy Berry and Jane Dungan have known each other since their children were in middle school at Battle Ground Academy. They started working together at The Registry, a bridal registry and fine gifts store begun by two of their good friends in 2003. It was the perfect fit. Both ladies like helping others and love entertaining friends and family. When the…

Graceworks Ministries: Donating from the Heart

Tucked away in two small buildings in south Franklin, and one in Fairview, is an organization providing so much care, compassion and love for its neighbors in Williamson County, it can literally take your breath away. Yes, Williamson County, the seventh richest county in the United States and also the wealthiest when it comes to helping neighbors in need.

Food for the Soul

Kitchen culture has always come naturally to Reuben Sliva. Since age 16, he knew he wanted to be a chef. Now more than 20 years later and in the deep end of his 30s, Reuben has a lot to show for it: years of experience as a sous chef in fine dining in Florida with James Beard recognition, experience building his…

A Taste of ‘the Big Easy’ in Franklin

Blink and you’ll overlook Tchoupitoulas Street Snoballs when coming in and out of downtown Franklin. Located in the parking lot of Franklin Automotive Repair, 307 Fifth Ave. N, this food trailer, made to look like a street cart, serves Snoballs, handmade New Orleans treats. 

A Corporation Leading the Way to a Healthier Planet

Many companies today are taking into account the impact their business practices are having on the environment and trying to find solutions that support sustainable growth. One company that has taken this to heart is Mars. A family-owned business that has operations around the globe, Mars has devised a plan that can improve the world now and in the future.

Preserving History in All Its Glory

These days, if something doesn’t work well or doesn’t look good, it’s likely to be thrown out and replaced with something new. Some things, however, like old buildings steeped in history, cannot be so easily replaced, nor should they be. 

From Window Washing to HGTV

In 1982, as a student at MTSU, Mark Williams started a small gig washing windows and doing odd jobs. Fast forward to today, and he’s grown what started as his small enterprise into one of the largest remodeling companies in the U.S., RSU Contractors. Their services have been featured on HGTV's Property Brothers with remodels in the Franklin and Brentwood areas. Recently, RSU has partnered with Ellen Sherwood…