Tone + Texture

Decorate your space with handmade textures such as the modern, maker revival of 1970s macramé and year-round tropical feel of wicker. MACRAMÉ Made through knotting instead of weaving, macramé can add a unique touch in many various ways. Houzz contributor Laura Gaskill suggests incorporating it as nursery decor, plant hangers, wall hangings and modern fiber arts. WICKER According to Houzz…

Renovate & Refine

If it’s true that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become proficient in something, Kidd Epps has put in the time and made his fair share of 
mistakes throughout his 10-year odyssey as a self-taught designer.

Make Your Guest Room Hotel-Worthy

   Uniik Company was born after a conversation between two sisters who grew up in the textile industry in Bombay, India. Having lived in the United States since 2003, one of them wondered why the fabrics here were not nearly as pretty or as high quality as they were in India. From that simple thought, a residential design business providing window treatments…

Mindi Clayton’s Hometown Dish

Gardener chef and nutritionist Mindi Clayton, together with her brother, Matt Osman, opened Giardino Gourmet Salads in Brentwood in early 2016. Giardino serves specially made, handcrafted salads using a wide variety of only the freshest ingredients. The restaurant has origins in South Florida, and it expanded out of Florida for the first time when it opened here in Tennessee.

Get Your ‘Green’ Drink On

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are synonymous with a tepid lager dyed a shockingly bright color green that takes forever to get at an overcrowded bar. If you pass on the beer, your options are most likely wickedly sweet mixed drinks or an overly minted cocktail option with liquor probably left over from Christmas. If you are throwing your own soiree…

Music Maker
Dave Mustaine
Calls Franklin Home

When you think of Franklin, you are likely going to think about the town being the quiet, quaint, friendly neighbor just to the south of Nashville. But Dave Mustaine, thrash metal legend and founding member of the band Megadeth, is here to expand what Franklin is known for. Franklin Lifestyle spent some time in the home of Dave and his wife,…

Southern Trophy House

Life at Southern Trophy House has changed a lot since it opened more than 55 years ago. The birth of the internet only solidified the company's role as an international business, with one of its very first online orders being shipped internationally to troops overseas. Having the added ability to reach customers, Southern Trophy House family wanted to become a…

Backstage Pass

In the Nashville area, great makers are hiding among us in plain sight. Kayte Bryon is one of those great treasures living in Franklin While spending a lot of her time recalling tales that acclaim her husband’s talents, the ribbons of her enormous career slip in, and you begin to sense the magnitude of talent she possesses. 
An Oregon native…

School of Rock

As a Music City parent, you have a choice in after-school music education programs. Local talent is phenomenal, and music flows widely, from bluegrass to classical, from musical theater to choir.

What’s Trending in Fitness in 2018?

From wearable technology to wellness coaching, trends in fitness are always changing. A new year symbolizes a fresh start, so many see it as a perfect time to undertake a new fitness routine or even reenergize a stale workout. Franklin Lifestyle surveyed the local gym landscape and talked to some top local owners to get their take on 2018's trends.