Tori Nicole Handbag Designer

Tori Nicole Sadler knew she’d be an artist from a very young age. She says,”I watched my grandmother joyfully tend her own garden, my father’s entrepreneurial career, my mother’s creative skill in her poetry, and grew up knowing that art and love was in our blood. Whether I was sketching on the walls of my childhood home or playing with fabrics, I knew that this was what I should be doing.”

She did a lot of traveling early on in her career and adds, “God provided me with the ability to immerse myself in the lives of fascinating people along the way. It was while traveling that I really discovered my love for language and culture.  Mixing these experiences with my intrigue for textile art birthed the journey of TORI NICOLE®, where every piece of wearable art is reminiscent of these stories and experiences.” 

Tori continues, “The first ever bag I made was the “Amelia” clutch, in honor of my maternal great grandmother.  She was an inspiring woman, with her own “Garden of Eden” in the little town of Eden, Mississippi where she grew up. She inspired those who followed her to create something of their own that would impact those around them.”

When asked where she derives her inspiration from, Tori reveals, “I feel deeply tied to my family and those I share my life with, and include a little bit of them in everything I create. Each collection is reminiscent of culture and experiences, family and their stories, and an enriched community — all of which are the essence of my inspiration and love. It is because of this that a lot of my bags are named after significant people who have played a strong impactful role in my life.  These pieces all remind me of the stories that they have told me, characteristics that made them individually special, or experiences we have shared.  It has become my passion to unite people’s stories with my own and create something unforgettable to symbolize that.”  

Tori is very excited to announce that she has begun partnering with boutiques to sell her collection in stores in 2020. 

She explains, “My bags are made for the person who will appreciate my art and all the love and labor that goes into my creations.  Nothing brings me more joy in life than seeing people love their Tori Nicole collection pieces as much as I do.”