Move Over Meat 1

Vegetables Are Taking Center Stage

Historically, American dinner plates have featured meat as its mainstay with vegetables as tepid, secondary supporting players. Now the balance of power on the plate is shifting as fresh vegetables take center stage. Recent “food trend” studies show that more people are making vegetables the main course of their meals.

Data suggests that people younger than 40 are eating 52 percent more fresh vegetables compared with young adults 10 years ago, and that preference is likely to continue as they age. In support of this trend, professional chefs, bloggers, restaurants and home cooks are embracing the flavors of a vast variety of vegetables, from common to exotic. A recent article in New York magazine noted, “Simply put, the once-meat-obsessed populace is realizing that vegetables actually taste good. Especially when fresh, in season, and carefully prepared.”  Many restaurants now offer vegetable-based entrees that have inspired home cooks to explore the healthy and delicious potential of making fresh vegetables a main course.