Shop for Everyone on Your List 8

Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that magical time of year again—the time of year you manage to miraculously find thoughtful and fun gifts for your entire gift list. This year can be easy as we’ve done the work for you. Stay local and use our gift guide for some of your favorite recipients. You will be sure to have a one-of-a-kind gift with these selections. And while you’re out, don’t forget to get yourself a little something as well!

Furry Friends
Dog Collar flower, $8.50–$9.50, Fork of the South
Bowser’s Bows, $12.50, Fork of the South
Catnip toy, $6–$14, Fork of the South
Very Vintage leash, $34, Fork of the South
Dog bowls, $52–$40, The Registry
Sarah Marie Design Studio sweatshirt, $68, Fleet Feet

Sonoma Lavender Co. Blanket, $68, Fork of the South
Coaster, $30–$40, with mug $310, The Registry
Decanter, $279, with glasses $50/each, The Registry
Oofos, $50–$68, Fleet Feet
Broties, $25–$40, Fork of the South

Kids (0-18 years old)
Paper Salt books, $18, Fork of the South
Mouse in a Box, $22–$32, Fork of the South

Plus Plus Blocks, $6.99–$9.99, Fork of the South
Bath Wrap, $40, and Bath Toys $32, The Registry
Wooden duck, $41, The Registry
Weave pattern baby china set with monogram, $250, The Registry
Swiftwick Socks, $12–$18, Fleet Feet 
Goodr sunglasses, $25–$35, Fleet Feet