In 2020 I Want To ...

Take a Distillery Tour
Leiper’s Fork Distillery is your local stop for traditional small-batch whiskey and bourbon products. Their handcrafted spirits are of the finest quality and can be found in the 200-year-old cabin gift shop. To make the most of your visit, take the 45-minute tour and tasting, held every hour until 4 p.m. with an entertaining guide. They’ll show you the stillhouse behind-the-scenes, delve into Williamson County’s rich distilling history and give you all the fun facts about making your favorite drinks.

Attend a Book Signing at Landmark Books
Landmark Books, owned by Joel and Carol Tomlin, is the place to immerse yourself in fictional worlds. If you collect signed books or are intrigued by rare books, you can explore them here. The historic building holds editions like Faulkner’s Fable and Walt Disney’s People and Places signed and inscribed by Walt Disney himself. Every so often, Landmark hosts a book signing with a renowned author, such as Karen Kingsbury. It’s your opportunity to ask the author questions, take pictures and discuss the book. You’ll be taking home a valuable and personalized keepsake.

Learn to Swing Dance
Take your dancing skills to the next level with Swing Dance Nashville. Don’t be intimidated if the only dance you know is the Wobble; beginners are always welcome. These professionals will transport you back to the swing era with their big-band music and teach all the different types of dances from the Lindy Hop to the Charleston. This vintage exercise will unleash your creativity and is simply good for the soul. Grab a partner and get social at their weekly dances or class series. Your new moves will impress everyone at your next party.