Getting in the Spirit with Julia Nolan

Julia Nolan has spent the majority of her life dedicated to the performing arts. She grew up in South Florida where she starred in national television commercials, attended a performing arts high school in Memphis, Tennessee, and then went on to Wagner College, a conservatory for musical theater in New York City.

Julia’s distinguished career has taken her to many places and allowed her to wear many hats within the industry, including producer. She created a nonprofit 501(c)(3) youth theater in Idaho Falls, Idaho, The Foundation for Performing Arts, and produced at least five productions a year. But it’s her passion for performing that took her to Japan for five years.

“I absolutely loved living in Japan. It was an incredible experience,” Julia says. “I first went over to perform at Tokyo Disneyland, which was one of the best times of my life! The people are wonderful, and the culture fascinating! While there, I had several No. 1 hits on the radio, recorded for movie soundtracks, filmed numerous commercials and was even the voice for different video games.” 

The ardent vocalist is excited to now be living back in America, particularly Franklin, close to Music City. Julia had the opportunity to perform with Lee Greenwood at his theater in Sevierville.

“He is unbelievably talented and a gracious performer to share the stage with. Not a show went by that I didn’t shed a tear each night when the American flag dropped on his famous song, ‘God Bless the USA.’ Veterans would stand up all across the audience. It got me every single show!” 

Asked if she ever gets nervous performing, she reveals, “I’ll be honest, I was born to perform! I am so grateful for the gift I have to sing that instead of getting nervous, I get excited to share my love of the stage. I absolutely love every single second of being on stage singing and performing; I just wish I could do more. … I definitely never tire of being on stage.” 

1. Living in Japan 

“Considering Japan is not a Christian country, Christmas tends to be much more commercialized, and they don’t really have traditions, but the lights and decorations are unbelievable! It is an honor to work at Tokyo Disney on Christmas Day, though, as it is the busiest day of the year. The year I was there for Christmas, they actually reached max capacity in the park and had to turn away guests!”

2. Christmas Dinner 

“My husband, Patrick, is from London, England, and is the best cook ever. On Christmas Eve, he makes Cornish pasties, a yummy meat and potato pastry. He makes the most amazing roast dinner each Christmas Day (he changes the menu every year from roast beef, pork or turkey). His roast potatoes, turnips and carrots are to die for! And for dessert, trifle!”

3. Tradition

“One of our favorite traditions at the dinner table is brought from England: Christmas crackers. Our three boys love the ‘pop’ that comes from them when you pull and the little trinkets that come inside along with the silly jokes.”

4. The Yuletide Carolers

“I am excited to bring a special, professional caroling group to Nashville for the holiday season.”