Valet Tips From A+ Parking Services

As restaurants, retail establishments and other businesses continue to flood the area, parking is at a premium. It’s hard to find a spot these days, and many places are turning to valet services. Here are some suggested tips to make your valet experience easy and amiable:

Be courteous for better service.
Like anyone, valet attendants are much more responsive to drivers who are respectful and pleasant. Treat the valet with the same respect you like to receive. A little kindness goes a long way, especially if they’re working in harsher weather or temperatures. When first pulling up to the curb, stay with the vehicle until a valet greets you and retrieves your keys. Wait to receive a proper ticket so the valets know which vehicle is yours.

Entire key ring or just “valet” key? 
It’s mainly personal preference, but the valet should have the car key with the remote control fob. This is extra insurance that the valet will find your car quickly; if necessary, they can use the remote to locate your car by flashing the lights or sounding the horn. If a single key is preferred, take the key off before arriving at your destination to avoid delays in traffic flow.

Lost ticket?
The overall retrieval process always moves more quickly when the valets don’t have to search for vehicles. At the point of discovering tickets are nowhere to be found, it’s nice, but not necessary, to offer a small tip for the inconvenience. To help address this potential situation, A+ keeps data on all the vehicles they park by using software that records vehicle make, color and the ticket number awarded. Check to see if your valet does the same. 

Tipping is a nice gesture and is always appreciated. Lori Griffin, A+ marketing and sales manager, says most attendees at private events assume gratuities are prepaid, when they are not, 90% of the time. Whether paying a standard fee, or valet parking is offered on a complimentary basis, tipping is still customary. The going rate is $3 to $5 per vehicle.