Local Instagram influencers Cari-Beth McDonald and Emily Woods are the mamas behind @FranklinTNFamilyFun. Not only are they in the know about what goes on in this town but they also share their love for our community and everyday life (plus cute pics of their kiddos)! We asked them to share some funny Thanksgiving misadventures too.

“Every year at Thanksgiving, we have a big hayride with my family. One year, as we were making our way through the woods, my husband silently rolled off the hayride. Suddenly, as we pulled ahead, a figure came running out of the woods and gave us the scare of a lifetime! Guess who? He was so proud, and now we can never pass that point on the path without laughing about the memories!” –Cari-Beth

“Last year, we ordered Thanksgiving dinner from Kroger only to find out when we got home that what we actually ordered were the ingredients to cook our dinner—whoops! We thought the dinner would be cooked and ready to eat! A few hours later, though, it all turned out great!” –Emily

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