What goes through your mind when you think of Thanksgiving? It’s a holiday steeped in traditions: turkey, stuffing, big family gatherings, the Thanksgiving Day parade and maybe even some football. We love what’s familiar, but sometimes familiar needs an update too!  

In fact, in this issue, we share some secrets about changing up your dessert from one of your aunt’s famous Thanksgiving pies for a cake! And we share a few Turkey Day disaster stories from some local friends.

But most of all, in this issue, we talk to people who are thankful. Chuck and Kasi Wicks are thankful to have found each other. The Redmond family of Sage Sleep is thankful they made their way to Franklin. My Friend’s House organization is thankful to Willow Branch Builders for their new home. See the theme here? 

We at Franklin Lifestyle are so very thankful for our readers! 

Take a moment to reflect as November rolls in. What brings you peace? And what are you thankful for this year? 

Happy T-Day, Franklin!