Midnight Sun Scavenger Hunt Debuts in Franklin

The scavenger hunt made its debut in April. Ten bronze horse statues—each slightly smaller than a football—have been strategically hidden and permanently installed at various locations with historic significance in the downtown Franklin area. Searchers will follow clues to find the miniature horse replicas created by Janel Maher all while learning a little about Franklin’s past. Midnight Sun was chosen as the namesake of the project to honor what the World Champion horse meant to the equine community.

The Rambling at Southall Farms Runs Through June 15

The Rambling, a series of occasional family-style dinner events, launched for the season back in April, but foodies and nature lovers can still get tickets through June 15. Chef Tyler Brown offers a seasonal, multi-course feast with ingredients grown just steps away on Southall Farm. It allows guests to explore a bit of Franklin’s rich agricultural legacy and enjoy artisan dishes under the stars while honoring the circle of life. For schedule and availability, visit SouthallFarms.com/the-rambling.

Mercy Community Healthcare Celebrates 20 Years

Mercy Community Healthcare was founded in 1999 as Mercy Children’s Clinic by providing excellent health care to all and support to their families. The nonprofit clinic added mental health and social services to its integrated care program in 2006 and expanded to a new facility in Franklin in 2009. Mercy was awarded a grant from the United States Department of Health and Human Services designating it as a Federally Qualified Health Center in June 2012. As a result, Mercy began seeing adult patients, and Mercy Children’s Clinic transitioned to Mercy Community Healthcare. “Twenty years later, we’ve grown to serve more than 10,000 patients per year. We now offer a health care home for the entire family, which includes primary care, mental and behavioral health services, and care coordination,” CEO Cindy Siler said. Mercy Community Healthcare will celebrate with events throughout the year, including the annual Labor Day Franklin Classic run in downtown Franklin and the 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner Nov. 8. To learn more, visit MercyTN.org.

WCS’ Entrepreneur and Innovation Center Seeks Business Mentors

When the new Williamson County Entrepreneur and Innovation Center opens on the campus adjacent to Franklin High School this fall, high school students will now have a unique opportunity to learn from the experience of leaders in the business community. In August, 130 students from across Williamson County Schools will participate in the inaugural semester. Now it’s time to recruit the mentors who will serve them. “We’re looking for 200 business people who are willing to share their insights with students, on a number of levels: as instructors, as speakers and as advisers,” EIC Executive Director Dr. Kari Miller said. “Our objective is to represent the communities that all 10 of our high schools serve and to offer perspectives from a diversity of industries and walks of life.” Mentors from the business community must complete a comprehensive survey, submit a resume and references, and undergo a background check to be considered for acceptance. To apply to become a mentor, visit EICCatalystNetwork.org. For more on the Williamson County Schools Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, visit WCS.edu/district/departments/tla/eic.


Darcy & Marcy Designs Are Featured at Athena Runway

The Athena Runway is a Nashville fashion show from 7–10 p.m. at the Parthenon June 2. Hosted by multiple local emerging fashion designers, styles vary from waterproof outerwear athletica all the way to ready-to-wear. “This runway was created to give local emerging designers a showcase for their creative works,” said Darcy of Darcy and Marcy Designs. “There aren’t many options for emerging fashion designers, and it was a lot of work to put together. But in the end, I know it will all be worthwhile.”