We all know the numerous benefits working out can have on our bodies. But did you know exercising can also provide significant health benefits for your teeth as well?

“A healthy body and good oral health often go hand-in-hand,” says Dr. Daniel Weese from Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry.

Following these simple guidelines can positively impact dental health and help you stay motivated to keep your teeth—and your entire body—happy and healthy. Read on and discover how your teeth are truly smiling every time you hit the gym. 

1. Helps Prevent Gum Disease
First and foremost, regular exercise can help lower the risk of contracting periodontitis, also known as gum disease. Basically, a healthy body also means healthy teeth and gums. 

2. Water is the Best Hydration
Electrolyte replacement is necessary when you sweat profusely during a workout. However, don’t reach for the nearest energy or sports drink; many contain ingredients your body doesn’t need to refuel. Reach for the water instead. Additionally, Dr. Weese cautions his patients about consuming too many energy or sports drinks. “The acidic content in these drinks or even lemon water can cause enamel erosion, which could lead to extreme tooth sensitivity and cosmetic issues that can sometimes only be remedied with extensive restorative treatment.” 

3. Contributes to a Healthy BMI
Maintaining a healthy BMI (body mass index) is also beneficial for your oral health. “A healthy BMI often indicates a diet low on sweets, which in turn creates an oral environment without excessive bacterial plaque,” Dr. Weese says. “Conversely, poor oral health with high levels of bacterial organisms can not only lead to tooth decay, but the harmful bacteria can migrate to other parts of the body, potentially leading to inflammation in joints and vital organs.”