Welcome to March, where opportunities seem unlimited with the introduction to spring. It’s the season of transitioning from cold to warm, from short days to longer ones, from hibernation to awakening, from bud to bloom. 

Personally, I love the possibilities of springtime. I envision being able to actually put into action many of the things I dreamed of over the winter, when the weather was prohibitive and the sunlight was limited. With this in mind, our team has put together an exciting home-centric edition with lots of ideas to implement in your home this month.

If our homes are where we sleep, eat and spend time with loved ones, they deserve to be front and center in our spring kickoff issue. The March issue is all about making your home comfortable, functional and custom to you. We’re highlighting architecture, style and overall living environment for all home types in the Franklin community. 

With springtime upon us, there’s no better time for a fresh look at things related to home. If it’s a simple DIY project to make the best of space in a bathroom or a total change in home type, we’ve got your inspiration. Ours is an amazing community. If you have lived here all of your life or recently located to Franklin, we’re glad you are a part of what makes Franklin great.

Cheers to spring, and cheers to home sweet home!