I have a fall confession, so brace yourself. Pumpkin spice—I’m just not that into it. I know. I hear the gasps already, but it’s true. I figure I’m simply saving room for all the other fantastic food finds around Franklin. October is our food issue, and this month at Franklin Lifestyle, we’re all about feasting with foodies as we just scratch the surface of all the fine eats and drinks around Franklin.

I’m more of a wine girl myself, so this month’s feature is right up my alley. Drink wine in the name of supporting a local charity? I’m there! The 14th annual Franklin Wine Festival is back at The Factory at Franklin this month. Check it out, and come say hello to me. 

Have you ever fantasized about ditching the office life, refurbishing a truck and getting on the food truck circuit? Well, here’s your chance to get the inside scoop on what it takes to run a food truck with Snoballs. 

Or if slicing and dicing is your hobby, learn what tools a local professional chef uses to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Whether you consider yourself a foodie, a gourmet, or just an average eater; whether you’re into nachos at a game, craft beer at your favorite brewery, or a latté (pumpkin spice or otherwise) from your favorite café, we hope this issue inspires you to check out the amazing food scene right here in Franklin.

Stay hungry!

Athena West