Menu Makers’ Executive Chef Callie Cottrell Shares What She Can’t Live Without

Everybody has their favorite “go-to” gadget when they’re preparing meals in their kitchens. Some cooking tools have very specific purposes while others can basically do just about anything. And the gadgets run the gamut from useless to useful, so how do you decide what to spend your money on? We asked executive chef Callie Cottrell from Menu Makers what she loves to use in the kitchen, and her answers may surprise you! 

1. “A chef’s knife can be used for basically everything. My go-to tool. It is very important to keep sharp for slicing and dicing, and even safety.”

2. “Microplaner  or Zester which I love to use for citrus zest in sauces, fresh grated nutmeg, and even garlic and onion when I just want a hint of the flavor but not chunky pieces.” 

3. “A Y-shaped peeler is essential. It is more comfortable to grip while peeling apples or potatoes. I use one of these daily.”

4. “Paring knife is important because it aids in speed when you are cutting small fruits and vegetables like strawberries or radishes.”