Kind. Shy. Intelligent. Talented. These are just a few of the words that describe Hannah Dinoia, a seemingly typical teenage girl. A sophomore at Franklin High School, Dinoia plays on the school volleyball team, is active in the leadership club, volunteers with Best Buddies and works hard to maintain an A average. And when she’s not in school studying to become a pediatrician, she enjoys sleeping late, singing, baking, babysitting and going to Smoothie King. But not necessarily in that order. Her list of loves (and hates) is long but getting to know her is a real treat. 

1. Sunny days: “I love sunny days because of the warm weather and how blue it makes the sky look.” 

2) Volleyball: “I love playing because it’s a fun sport and I’m a competitive person.” 

3) Travel: “I love to see new places and the way each new place looks.” 

4) Family: “It is very important to me. They are fun to hang out with and always there for me.” 

5) My grandma’s meatballs: “We are Italian, so she is naturally amazing at cooking Italian food.”