I have a habit of making lists. Yes, I make the typical to-do lists and grocery lists. However, my longest list is also my favorite list. I have a “things to do” list on my phone. It currently has 71 places to visit around the area. Daunting? Perhaps. Doable? Absolutely!

You see, when we moved to Franklin nearly four years ago, I was determined to become an expert on life in my new hometown. My family and I have made quite a dent in this list, though it never seems to really shrink as I add new places to visit each week. I am the “local” now and enjoy telling visitors about Franklin’s hidden gems and even the back roads to get there. 

July’s issue celebrates summer. I love all the issues of Franklin Lifestyle, however, July’s issue speaks my language. It has a list! A list of summer activities and new Franklin-owned businesses or restaurants to visit. I didn’t even know about three of them, so my personal “things to do” list is now officially at 74. 

Whether you are a lifetime resident of Franklin or so new to the area you are still unpacking boxes, I’d encourage you to get out, jump in the car, and enjoy all Franklin has to offer this summer. Check out our “Guide to Summer” list or even the calendar of events in the back of this issue. In between trips to the pool, you’ll find me tackling my list and enjoying every minute of it. 


Athena West

Account Manager


In the May issue of our female Movers & Shakers, we inadvertently left out the name of Tara Mullaney’s company in identifying her. The correct title should read Tara Mullaney, Vice President, Patient CARES & Community Awareness, Provision CARES Proton Therapy Nashville. We regret the error.