Former Green Beret Equips Men for Battle in Body, Mind and Spirit 6

Warrior Life Training sounds like an intense training program for the elite few who are going off to battle. That’s partly correct — it is an intense training program, or at least as intense are you want to make it, and you are training for battle, but not the type of battle you’d expect.

Enter David Howell, a Green Beret and well-decorated Army veteran with an impressive 26 years of service, dedication and stewardship behind him. His goal with Warrior Life Training is to equip men for battle: body, mind and spirit. With his extensive military background, the body is trained in the discipline of mixed martial arts, tactical applications and conditioning, using your own body weight more than a dumbbell.

The larger piece of his training is the willingness and desire to “get your knees dirty,” as David describes it. Warrior Life Training is not just personal training and nutrition coaching, it’s about also having a plan for your spiritual and mental preparedness. If you come from a place of focus and clarity on your inner self, you will be prepared for the highs and lows life has for you. The intent is that men are not to run away from their problems but toward them with their faith and lead by example. David’s personal goal and goal for his clients is to live your life less like yourself and more like God. A man equipped for battle knows he cannot go through life alone, nor can he be the sole solution for the people in his life.

Each client has his or her own customized plan, as no one person is the same physically or mentally. In all journeys through life, David encourages people to surround themselves with individuals who are above them, walking with them and need guidance below them. Each of those types helps to develop a well-rounded individual.

Not only does David deserve accolades for his service with the United States Army, he also deserves praise for his continued desire to give of himself through Warrior Life Training and the hope he instills in the lives of the men he trains. 

"When you need to, acknowledge your faults and ‘get your knees dirty.’"

David Howell