Jazz Musician Debbie Cunningham

Songs Reflect Journey of Committed Love on New Album, ‘A Million Kisses’

Debbie Cunningham is a successful jazz singer and songwriter. “A Million Kisses,” her latest album, is designed as an inspiration for couples to stay in love. The concept is that it takes a lifetime to get a million kisses, which correlates to her message of encouragement for couples to share a lifetime of love.

Early next year, the first-time author will release Dancing in the Kitchen: Hope and Help for Staying in Love. The book is an extension of the album and also about the journey and celebration of committed love. She shares stories behind the songs from “A Million Kisses” and her own marriage experience through struggles of grief and her daughter’s unexpected health issue. She weaves in stories of other couples that have stayed together through infidelity, terminal illness, loss, infertility, addiction and even the journey of an arranged marriage.

For more information, visit DebbieCunninghamJazz.com.

"You’re always on the phone."

“I’m feeling ignored.”

Listen to: “Stay in Love” about not letting little things come between you.

“I think marriage is so much like dancing. By the time you learn the steps, the music changes and there is another dance to learn—all while trying not to step on your partner’s toes,” Debbie says. “It is fun, but it does require practice and patience to get better! However, when you finally get to the point where the two of you are gliding across the floor and moving at the right pace and in the same direction, it can be the most exhilarating experience you have ever known.” 

"We never go out anymore."

“I want to reconnect with you.”

Listen to: “Do What Lovers Do” about making your romance intentional, with lyrics like, “Pull me closer when we dance, we can’t forget the romance.”

"You never listen to me."

“I feel invisible.”

Listen to: “Do You Love Me” about learning to really listen to what’s actually being communicated, with lyrics like, “Will you love me forever and take the time to ask what hides behind the mask.”

"I’m hurt you forgot our anniversary."

“I want to be valued enough that you make an effort to remember.”

Listen to: “Will You Dance?” about learning to adjust through the changing seasons of life, with lyrics like, “Can we learn to step together and move across the floor.”