Owner Katy Schmitt Wants ALL Kids to Thrive

When the time comes to hire a tutor, emotions can run high for all involved. Choosing someone to help shape your child can conjure up more questions than answers. Enter Katy Schmitt and Thrive Tutoring, a local boutique tutoring service serving Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville and Murfreesboro.

Thrive’s in-home sessions are personalized to each student. Expert teachers develop a personal lesson plan for each student. The goal is to break the negative learning cycle by operating under the knowledge that there is not one silver bullet to aid students and that unique individualized tutoring is imperative.

Unlike some large chains or nationwide franchises, Thrive seeks to involve the teacher and parents directly. Each often has a unique perspective that can assist the tutor in actively catering to the learning plan for the student. This also means the Thrive tutor will speak directly with the teacher on a regular basis, seeking perspective from the beginning of the process to the end. No more job of teacher-to-tutor liaison for the parent, which can come as a huge relief and timesaver, and allows for active engagement with the learning plan. There are 25+ tutors for a student to be placed with based on the needs of the student and the expertise and style of the tutor.

But what really sets Thrive part is how it gives back to the community in which it serves. Thrive Tutoring’s education goals are larger than the students that seek its help. The target goal is to be a complete Buy One, Give One organization where, for each student that pays for services, one is given to a child in need. Learning Matters, a Middle Tennessee tutoring group specializing in students with dyslexia but serving all students, is Thrive’s not-for-profit partner and current recipient of Thrive’s scholarship dollars. Almost immediately, Thrive was able to realize the ability to sponsor yearlong scholarships for students in need to receive personalized learning services for free from Learning Matters. Learning Matters also provides pricing on a sliding scale based on a family’s income to help ensure as many students as possible are afforded their services.

Thrive understands the finical investment, commitment and potential challenge education can be for a family. Driven by a passion for results, tutors’ informal assessments of the students are the root of their lesson plans that take “I can’t” to “I can” then to “I can and I will.” Thrive takes students beginning with Pre-K through any aged student seeking Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) prep.

A fantastic tool for your educational arsenal, Thrive Tutoring will not only help your own student but will ensure another child thrives as well through its generous desire to aid as many students as possible.

"I decided to partner with a non-profit doing similar work, and doing it very well."