Franklin Farmer's Market Ensures a Sustainable Future 6

Tennessee Farm Fresh Food Straight to Your Table

In 2002, eight farmers came together to create the Franklin Farmers Market, a 501(c)(5) nonprofit agricultural organization with the mission to keep Tennessee’s beautiful farmlands green and growing. The FFM provides a connection between farmers and the public to create easy access to healthy, locally grown fresh food. The market has grown from a summer-only marketplace to a year-round operation and the number of farms participating in the market each year has increased from eight to more than 70 farms. They keep these local family farms productive and profitable by providing a reliable venue for farmers to sell what they grow or produce. By doing so, the market strengthens and builds financial sustainability for both farmers and the local economy.

FFM works to support a diversified, sustainable agriculture system and endeavors to educate the public about the positive impact that farming has on their community’s health, economy, aesthetic values and the environment.

An assortment of produce, fruit, dairy, baked goods and meats are all available at the Franklin Farmers Market. And, because it’s all from local farms, the variety of goods increases and changes each week through the seasons. It’s easy to taste the difference because it all comes straight from the farm to the market, ripe and ready to be enjoyed.

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