Kidd Epps Art Shop is Helping Create Beautiful Spaces

If it’s true that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become proficient in something, Kidd Epps has put in the time and made his fair share of 
mistakes throughout his 10-year odyssey as a self-taught designer.

His hard work has paid off in recent years with the success of some big projects. He attributes being in the right place at the right time for influencers noticing his work and being featured in design publications.

“I first realized I had a talent for design while attending the art department at Austin Peay State University. Although a different medium, I believe design is multifaceted, and the ability to create good design translates across many mediums,” Kidd says. “I’ve had many revelations throughout my career and, as I’ve grown in confidence, my design sense has also refined and grown.
“When designing my retail showroom (my first holistic interior project), I realized I was really good at creating beautiful spaces that worked in harmony and evoked emotion. I had an ability to create a unique and warm space by finding a balance of simplicity, meaningful objects and beautiful imagery.” 
It doesn’t matter if Kidd is creating a cabinet, lamp and coffee table for Mayor Megan Barry’s office or installing his popular swivel doors in a restaurant, he stays true to his aesthetics: timeless, simple and uncluttered design, quality made-to-last construction in metal and wood, and purposeful functionality.
Acknowledging the Scandinavian feel to his work, Kidd brings Nashville sensibilities in through his material choices such as walnut or hickory, creating warmth and bright space.
More recently, Kidd has been involved–along with other Nashville designers and artisans—in preserving luxury 1929 features of the newly opened Noelle, a 224-room boutique hotel in downtown Nashville at the corner of Church Street and historical Printers Alley.
KEAS is very much part of “The Buc,” and, as a local business, Kidd believes in neighborhood improvements to give locals better services and income. Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria, a Nashville Scene Writer’s Choice pick in its first year of opening, is one such example of “The Buc’s” gentrification and Kidd was involved in the eatery’s design and build.
What does the future hold for Kidd?
There are many exciting projects, not least of which he wants to introduce KEAS top-to-bottom design services to the Franklin and Brentwood areas, whether it’s a room or a complete redesign of a house. Not only does Kidd live in the Westhaven neighborhood, but his Franklin roots stretch back to his first job at a restaurant, which is now 55 South.