Salad Guru Shares Easy, Healthy Salad for Mealtime

Gardener chef and nutritionist Mindi Clayton, together with her brother, Matt Osman, opened Giardino Gourmet Salads in Brentwood in early 2016. Giardino serves specially made, handcrafted salads using a wide variety of only the freshest ingredients. The restaurant has origins in South Florida, and it expanded out of Florida for the first time when it opened here in Tennessee.

Having grown up in Miami within the rich Hispanic culture that influences that area, it should come as no surprise that the habanero salad is Clayton’s favorite.

“It is full of nutrients. The cucumbers keep you hydrated, the garbanzo beans provide fiber, and the avocado provides a healthy monounsaturated fat and aids in lowering cholesterol, among many other benefits. And the dressing is low in sugar and saturated fat.”

Reflecting on her childhood, she adds, “One of my favorite parts are the plantain chips as croutons. This salad reminds me of Miami.”

Clayton has a master’s degree in nutrition and exercise science and applies it every day.  

“I use my knowledge to help our customers meet their dietary needs.” 

Habanero Salad

+ Romaine greens

+ Garbanzo beans

+ Plum tomatoes

+ Cucumbers

+ Avocado

+ Citrus-cilantro dressing

+ Plantain chips (optional)