Make Your Guest Room Hotel-Worthy 10

Uniik Company’s Dia and Nicky Mukerji Share Their Tips


Uniik Company was born after a conversation between two sisters who grew up in the textile industry in Bombay, India. Having lived in the United States since 2003, one of them wondered why the fabrics here were not nearly as pretty or as high quality as they were in India. From that simple thought, a residential design business providing window treatments and bedding solutions was born. But that was then. Multiple residential projects eventually lead to expanding into hospitality and commercial design for corporate hotel brands, boutique hotels and commercial enterprises.

Dia Mukerji, co-owner of Uniik with her husband, Nicky, started the company with an eye on flexibility as she had two small children at home. She started small with local exhibitions and the Nashville Home Show. One of her residential clients admired her work so much that she wanted Dia to come up with a design for her husband’s hotel. And the rest is history. It was never really the couple’s intention to start a design firm—they intended to create more of a product firm. Referrals and word of mouth grew the company quickly, and Dia asked her husband to leave his six-figure technology 
job to help her manage Uniik’s rapid growth.

“It was one of the toughest decisions,” Nicky says. “I had to look inside myself and say ‘Do I want to be that stressed corporate guy 10 years from now?’ The pressure was tremendous.”

Dia adds, “Our health was suffering too. He was traveling all the time, and I was busy raising two kids and trying to grow a business. I said to him, ‘Either we start saying no to clients and new business, or, if the time is right to expand, I need your help.”

Together they agree that it was one of the best decisions they ever made.

Uniik retains its Indian presence with multiple fabric mills located in Gujarat, which generate more than 100,000 yards of fabric every month. Today the company thrives, not only in design but also in project management and fulfillment, managing more than 50 projects at one time. They’ve become a one-stop shop from design conception to execution and are known for their custom designs as 80 percent of their projects are custom. Additionally, in a conscious effort to spread the work among the local community they love and are a part of, Uniik partners with multiple Tennessee-based teams to provide millwork, quartz, etc., and has developed strong partnerships with local manufacturers to help them compete with overseas vendors. 
It’s always fun to play host to houseguests. But you probably don’t spend much time in the room or the space you set aside for your guests, so that leaves some lingering questions. Will guests feel welcome in this space? Will they feel comfortable? Is your space inviting? One of the more inviting places to rest your head is a hotel. With Wi-Fi, extra toiletries, snacks, blackout curtains and a concierge to tell you what you need to see in said city, it’s a logical upgrade to model your guest room after a hotel room. But how? Dia and Nicky, the authorities at Uniik Company and experts in hospitality design, share their professional advice for achieving luxury and comfort in a guest room.

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