Swap Green Beer for One of these Four St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are synonymous with a tepid lager dyed a shockingly bright color green that takes forever to get at an overcrowded bar. If you pass on the beer, your options are most likely wickedly sweet mixed drinks or an overly minted cocktail option with liquor probably left over from Christmas. If you are throwing your own soiree or simply staying in, why not try some more appealing cocktail choices?

Since designated drivers are important and parties often include underage individuals and a pregnant woman or two who want to participate in festivities, having a nonalcoholic base punch is a must-have as well. Besides, you always can allow those who want—and are allowed—to spike the punch.

Champagne Shamrock

1 ounce vodka

4 ounce Champagne/prosecco or your sparkling white wine of choice

½ ounce melon liqueur


  1. 1. Place vodka, melon liqueur and ice in a martini shaker.
  2. 2. Shake vigorously.
  3. 3. Pour into a coup or martini glass and top with Champagne.
  4. 4. Garnish with green item of your choice.

Irish Mule

2 ounces Irish whiskey

1/2 ounce lime juice (ideally fresh)

¾ cup ginger ale

Lime wedges (optional)


  1. 1. Fill a glass or copper mug with the ice.
  2. 2. Add whiskey and lime juice; stir.
  3. 3. Top with ginger ale.
  4. 4. Serve with a lime wedge.

Lucky Leprechaun

2 ounces coconut flavored rum (or any tropical flavored rum you prefer)

4 ounces pineapple juice

2 ounces club soda

1 ounce blue Curacao (or blue food coloring)


  1. 1. Fill a glass with ice.
  2. 2. Add the rum first, then pineapple juice and stir.
  3. 3. Add club soda.
  4. 4. Drop in the blue Curacao or food coloring until you get your desired shade of green while stirring.
  5. 5. Garnish with a green drink umbrella.

Nonalcoholic Pinch-Me Punch

2 quarts cold water

2 packages lemon-lime Kool-Aid

1 cup sugar

1 46-ounce can pineapple juice

1 12-ounce can lemonade concentrate, thawed

1 quart ginger ale

  1. 1. Fill a punch bowl or pitcher with water; add Kool-Aid and sugar.
  2. 2. Stir until dissolved.
  3. 3. Add pineapple juice and lemonade. Stir to combine.
  4. 4. Just before serving, add ginger ale. If making ahead, refrigerate until ready to serve.
  5. 5. Serve over ice.
  6. 6. Optional adult version: Add rum or vodka to cup before adding punch.