Music Maker
Dave Mustaine
Calls Franklin Home

Grammy-award Winner Now in the Spirit Biz

When you think of Franklin, you are likely going to think about the town being the quiet, quaint, friendly neighbor just to the south of Nashville. But Dave Mustaine, thrash metal legend and founding member of the band Megadeth, is here to expand what Franklin is known for. Franklin Lifestyle spent some time in the home of Dave and his wife, Pamela, to learn more about what brought them to Middle Tennessee, what it’s like being a metal musician in the country music capital, and what separates Franklin from the rest of the country.

“We started making the transition out here in ‘97, that’s when we did our first record here,” Dave says.

“I’ve noticed that there’s a whole pop and rock side to this town. When I came out here, there was no real metal scene, but there were metal fans here. (When thinking of metal music,) you think about New York or Los Angeles and places like that. But when you think of Nashville, you think of country.”

Mustaine’s daughter, Electra, and her budding music career were one of the catalysts for making the move.

Dave says while 2018 is shaping up to be an extremely busy year for the group with ideas of a new record and plenty of touring scheduled, there are currently no plans for a show in the area.

Dave started the Mustaine Vineyard in 2011 and has been involved in the drink business ever since. He recently launched a Megadeth beer, A Tout Le Monde, with the world-class brewery Unibroue and sold more than 1.8 million 12-ounce bottles alone.

There is no shortage of Megadeth beer in Franklin, where it’s served in two of Dave’s favorite spots, 55 South and Cork & Cow.

It’s clear Dave is a fan of Tennessee and Franklin in particular.

“It’s a phenomenon to me. It’s a very self-sacrificing area for someone like me who comes from a place where it’s usually every man for himself. Franklin is my home. I love Nashville, but I love Franklin even more.”