Kate Bryon Is Her Own Shining Star

In the Nashville area, great makers are hiding among us in plain sight. Kayte Bryon is one of those great treasures living in Franklin While spending a lot of her time recalling tales that acclaim her husband’s talents, the ribbons of her enormous career slip in, and you begin to sense the magnitude of talent she possesses. 
An Oregon native that jumped down to Los Angeles to pursue a singing career, she made her way to Tennessee via a self-issued birthday present. A music minister at the time, and having a birthday that fell on a Sunday, her gift was to grace another congregation with her music. She chose Nashville. It wasn’t three months before Kayte, having flown with “a few CDs and a whole lot of faith” was standing in the Franklin home studio owned by Dennis Bryon of the Bee Gees. Kayte knows what makes her voice sound best, and it’s an AKG 414 microphone. In an almost unheard of move, she asked to use her own microphone, even though the studio was set. A move not lost on Dennis forged a friendship long before romance took hold.
Kayte spent the majority of her time on the road to multiday festivals performing and selling CDs. She was a true Renaissance women, and as hardworking and dedicated as they come, an 18-hour trek was nothing for her. 
The uplifting local spirit and support of artists were undeniable selling points for Kayte to remain here. Kayte soon joined with Dennis to create the instrumental duo Strong & Bryon. As the world turned towards online music and the festivals became flooded, she started staying a little closer to home. But there is no denying the talent and kind air of Kayte. She is very much the spark that makes the music take hold.