Q&A with Dr. Alicia Gordon 1

Franklin Dental Care Explains the Importance of a Healthy Mouth

It’s certainly nothing new, but it seems more people have become aware of the importance of dental health as an indication of overall health. Dr. Alicia Gordon with Franklin Dental Care gives us the scoop on why.

Is it true that the health of your mouth is an indicator of the wellness of your body?

Yes. The mouth is one of the first features others notice when they look at a person. Health care professionals consider it a window to the rest of the body. Someone who values health realizes that, in addition to proper diet and regular exercise, routine preventative dental care and necessary restorative care are essential to good health. 

If dental disease is present, it is likely other body systems are not operating at an optimal level. Many diseases that begin in other parts of the body are evident in the mouth, and some diseases that originate in the mouth can affect other organ systems. Not only is a healthy mouth aesthetically pleasing, it also gives the impression of a healthy body.

What are some ways FDC gives back 
to the community?

Over the last 3 1/2 years since we opened, my partner and I have completed four free smile makeovers, typically around a $15,000 value, for local applicants who do not have the means to obtain comprehensive dental care. We both have a huge heart for serving others, and it is very rewarding for us to help someone who is not otherwise able to obtain a healthy mouth, and maybe more importantly, a smile that brings them confidence. God has blessed Dr. Paul Maizan and I in so many ways, and we are grateful to be able to give back to others in a meaningful way that literally changes their lives. 

Franklin Dental Care also hosted our second annual Free Dentistry Day this summer. We invite other doctors and hygienists to join our own team to provide a full day of free dental work to those in need in our community—what an amazing opportunity to create something bigger than ourselves, and to give back to this wonderful community that supports us and has voted us “Best Dentist” in Franklin for two years in a row.

Our office also donates to several Williamson County Schools athletic programs and PTOs

Both doctors spend time giving back to their communities outside of work as well. Pre-med, Gordon was a piano major at Vanderbilt and still uses music to give back to the community. She has organized and played piano for several benefit concerts for underprivileged women and children. She also volunteers on her days off as accompanist for the Heritage Middle School choir concert and competition each spring. 

Maizan volunteers monthly for the Good Samaritan Clinic, doing extractions for those in need as well as doing extractions in more than 25 Remote Area Medical clinics in several states.