Stress-Free Holiday Decorating 1

Lumenate Brentwood Lights It Up

Does decorating for the holidays stress you out? Thinking about having to untangle lines of icicle lights or figuring out which bulb caused all the others not to work is depressing. Don’t even mention having to get up on that roof! That’s when Lumenate Brentwood steps in to help make your holiday stress-free and your time better spent with family and friends.

“The Christmas season is one of our favorite times of the year—a time to spend with friends and family and a time to reflect on all the blessings we have been given,” Luther says.

Luther was born and raised in the greater Nashville area and continues to call it home.

“We take tremendous pride in being a part of this great community and consider ourselves fortunate to raise our family here.”

Luther, wife Tamara, and their four children live in Brentwood and love being a part of the Williamson County community.

“Our reputation in the community means everything to us and it always will, and that’s why we are going to ensure we do everything we can to maintain it, by providing unparalleled quality and service,” he says.