Picture Perfect 2

Community and Comfort Are The Mainstays of Little Nest Portraits

Little Nest Portraits is a boutique photography studio where families can slow down and enjoy the picture taking experience. They have an artistic philosophy that blends classic portraiture technique with spontaneity and emotion. These are the principals and ideals that attracted owner Danielle Blauvelt to open her own Little Nest right here in Franklin.

“I discovered photography after I went back to work. I had issues with postpartum depression and was having a really hard time,” Danielle says. “I didn’t feel like I had a lot of support from the medical community. In fact, when I sought treatment, the doctor told me that I needed to ‘find a hobby I liked.’ Not very helpful.”

But, in the end, that doctor’s advice took Danielle down the path to photography.

“I used photography as something to do for myself and as a way to connect with my son, and that’s when I fell in love with it,” she says. “If I was having a really stressful day, I’d look at a picture of my son and almost meditate on it. I wasn’t with him, but looking at him really relaxed me and calmed me and made me feel connected to him. And I began to understand how important it was to have family art.”

The move to the Nashville area a little more than a year ago from Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley gave Danielle and her family a fresh start. The former insurance attorney decided it was time to work for herself.

“I love the core values and culture of Little Nest,” she says. “It’s a very women-empowering business, and they are very much a part of supporting their community, and that’s what I want Franklin’s Little Nest to be. I want to create a safe place for women, mothers, fathers in the community.

“I really want to stress the connection to our community—it’s so important to me. If you need a place to feed your baby, or you’re potty training and need a place for your child to use a restroom, anybody is welcome here. We want to help in any way we can.”

Little Nest is fully staffed and held their grand opening on October 21.

“We want to be a full-service experience so that the parents relax and that your family picture taking experience isn’t traumatic,” Danielle says.