Demystifying the College Application Process 2

Jamie Kennedy puts her years of experience to work for college-bound students

A new school year is well underway and for students who plan on going to college, now is the time to set those plans in motion. Jamie Kennedy, managing director of Bluebell Academic Consulting, has a unique role in helping students, and their families, do just that.

“I’m not their parent; I’m not their teacher. I’m advising from the perspective of an admissions professional who has seen just about every – good and bad – application come [across] my desk,” says Kennedy.

What university? What major? What classes? What degree? What do I need to do to be admitted? Kennedy works with clients to help answer these questions that can determine a student’s future.

“I offer a unique lens into the college search and application process,” she says. “My goal is to ensure students find the right fit school and de-stress and demystify the process along the way. College is one of the biggest decisions a student will make in their life and I love being part of the journey.”

Getting admitted to the college of one’s choice is a process that requires many steps. With her insider knowledge, Kennedy knows what it takes to improve those chances. She began her career working in college admissions, eventually becoming the Assistant Director of Admissions at the University of New Hampshire.

Kennedy believes firmly that students need to think seriously about college early in their high school career. She works with students as early as eighth grade.

“It’s important to strategize an appropriate and rigorous course curriculum, participate in leadership-building roles and extracurricular activities and demonstrate to an admission officer the depth of character and contribution you will bring as a student on their campus,” she says. “There are multiple pieces to the college application, and each piece has its own weight consideration in the final decision.”

Throughout her career Kennedy has served on regional admission boards, trained guidance counselors on the admissions and application review process and has made decisions on approximately 10,000 applications. Eventually she transitioned and went to work for a leading educational consulting firm where her clients included college admissions directors from public and private universities, including Big Ten and Ivy League schools.

Those experiences inspired her to launch private educational consulting services in 2012.

Now she guides students and parents through what has become an increasingly competitive system. Kennedy provides an ongoing, customized approach to applying to college. Key elements of her service include essay brainstorming and editing, strategic course selection, resume and leadership development, standardized testing counsel, interview preparation, identifying best-fit colleges, and supervising college applications from start to finish. Each year she visits college campuses to meet with admissions staff so that she can provide her clients with current information.

The goal is to present colleges and universities with an in-demand applicant with a compelling resume. And there’s no time like the present to get started.

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