An October Wake-up Call 1

Hi, Franklin Community.  A most happy October to all of you.

This edition of Franklin Lifestyle is like no other. I am so very pleased to be a part of the team that has put so much effort into highlighting such a wonderful group of women in our cover story about breast cancer survivorrs. Having known how challenging the fight can be through friends and family experiences, I really appreciate these stories of hope, faith and determination. Our team’s own Donna Domen has been inspiring others in her recovery efforts for many months now.

October is an awareness month, a wake-up call to women and their families to be diligent in having routine examinations. As this is being published, my lovely wife of 16 years starts her own battle with breast cancer. I had no idea at the time we started work on this issue that my own family would be joining the many that are already fighting this disease.

May all of our struggles in life be catalysts for people to unite for a common good and a reminder to lift each other up in challenging times.

Jon Golczynski


The lovely women on this month’s cover are not only breast cancer survivors, but an inspiration to anyone who is experiencing challenging times. Clockwise from top: Suzy Rholt, Donna Domen, Connie Gowen, Ellen McElroy.