Ladies Only 2

Cassie Kelley Shines as the Woman Behind

Cassie Kelley wears many hats: wife, mom, entrepreneur, and creative soul. It’s that creative hat that has played a role and continues to inspire her throughout her life and career choices.

She says, ”Growing up here, my mother was a stylist in the music business, so I definitely grew up around the whole creative community. To see that grow and expand and be on such a global stage now is so interesting and fun. There were two restaurants to choose from when you went out to a nice dinner before prom – now the culinary scene in the past five years has just changed so much.”

Kelley’s parents lived in Franklin and moved to Westhaven when she was in high school. Her celebrity stylist mom owns Haven in downtown Franklin, as well as two other upscale women’s clothing boutiques in Nashville, Hero in 12 South and Parish in the Gulch. Clearly, Kelley comes by her artistic side honestly.

In 2008, Kelley opened her own public relations agency, Prima PR. She handled music clients and big name artists like Jake Owen and Josh Kelley. It was during this time that Cassie married Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum. She says, “After a year or two of marriage, it became clear to me that it was going to be hard to have a 9-5 job. We were newlyweds and I wanted to be able to go travel with Charles. So I retired from the PR world and floated around with him for about a year.”

But floating is not something Kelley does well. She became motivated to indulge her creative side again. As an avid writer, Kelley had an inherent skill that she could apply while on the road. So in 2012 she started as a lifestyle blog.

“It was centric to my voice, and it was a hobby and it was fun,” she says. “Eventually, it started really growing and having a little bit of a following. So in 2015, I partnered with a digital media company (with corporate offices in Brentwood) to relaunch Womanista as a woman’s lifestyle media site.” covers everything from trending news to health and wellness along with a smattering of celebrity entertainment. It’s proven to be a winning formula. According to Kelley, the sight had more than 20 million page views and eight million unique visitors in April alone.

So what’s next for this mompreneur? Kelley says, “I learned a long time ago that what works best for our family is really just to have an open mind. I like to be creative and I like to connect with people. Womanista has taken a lot of different turns and will continue to and I want to be involved there. Our family travels all the time and that’s just part of what our daily life is. As opportunities come along for me to just be creative and share the spirit of our life, I like doing that. There’s really no game plan. Just how can I contribute to things we’re doing, how can I be a mom, a wife and enjoy life.”