August 2017 Around Town


YourCareEverywhere, a health and wellness content site and consumer engagement platform by Franklin-based MEDHOST, recently teamed up with Olympic Gold Medalist and Franklin resident Scott Hamilton on an exclusive video series discussion of his life and journey through cancer and brain tumors.

Scott Hamilton’s Miracle, offers new insights into Hamilton’s childhood, his accidental introduction to ice skating, his diagnosis of testicular cancer and three subsequent benign brain tumors, and his unfaltering focus on eliminating cancer through his Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation and as the founder and continuing ambassador for Cleveland Clinic’s 4th Angel mentoring program.

“There’s one thing that every cancer patient has in common. They just want more and better options, and the support to help them go through it,” says Hamilton. “To provide that support, I worked with the Cleveland Clinic to launch the 4th Angel mentoring program. The program pairs newly diagnosed patients with trained volunteers of a similar age and cancer experience. The mentors work as life coaches and role models, and it’s exciting to see these relationships being formed.”

Unbeknownst to the production crew – or Hamilton himself – the project was about to get personal. Following the interview, they learned that the wife of one of the local consultants was matched with a 4th Angel mentor as a direct result of the video project.

That consultant’s wife is Franklin resident Cindy Hamilton (no relation to Scott Hamilton), a 42-year-old mother of two. In mid-March, Cindy went to a walk-in clinic with what she thought was a recurring stomach bug. After a weeklong hospital stay, she was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer and was told that her only option was to start chemo to extend her life by what might be just a few months to a year.

“Who do you call when you know nothing about the disease you’ve just been diagnosed with?” said Cindy. “After hearing about the 4th Angel mentoring program, I thought why not, without expecting anything.” Before the end of the week, Cindy was connected with her 4th Angel, a woman who is a near nine-year survivor of the same cancer, same stage, and same diagnosis. “My mentor has been a gift to me and my family. She explained treatment options and doctor and facility recommendations that I wouldn’t have known were available. Most importantly, she showed me that there are people that have survived my type of cancer, giving me much needed hope and a reason to keep fighting.”

Learn more about Cindy Hamilton’s 4th Angel story, the Scott Hamilton’s Miracle video series, and how to support the Scott Hamilton CARES foundation at and For more information about Cleveland Clinic’s 4th Angel Mentoring Program, visit