Outkicking his Coverage 8

Nashville native Clay Travis has emerged as one of the 
nation’s leading sports media personalities.

Clay Travis is just like any other guy with a beautiful family and a self-directed career that has made him one of the nation’s go-to sources for sports commentary and opinion.

Clay Travis is just like any other guy with a beautiful family and a self-directed career that has made him one of the nation’s go-to sources for sports commentary and opinion.Given the fact that the Nashville native has arrived at this juncture well before the age of 40, you might say that he has “outkicked the coverage” in many ways.

Travis hosts Outkick The Coverage, a morning drive sports talk show that originates in Nashville and is heard in all 50 states on Fox Sports Radio (1510 WLAC in Nashville and SiriusXM channel 83). He’s also a best-selling author, the purveyor of OutkickTheCoverage.com, a frequent guest on sports TV and radio shows and a constant presence on social media.

When it comes to building the Outkick brand, Travis leaves nothing to chance. “Outkick’s entire PR team has always just been me,” he says. “I’m shameless and fearless when it comes to telling our brand’s story. I think you have to be that way.”

The show’s name is a football term that doubles as a reference to any guy “who has ended up with a woman much better looking than he deserves,” says Travis. “Which, as many people who live in the Nashville area will note, is exceedingly common here. Hell, Franklin and Brentwood may well lead the nation in men who have outkicked their coverage.”

That the show’s title combines two of mankind’s favorite subjects, provides an indication of what his growing audience tunes in to hear. Yes, it’s a sports show. But few topics are off limits. Travis never takes himself too seriously and just as the show is about to dive too deep into a story, he pivots to something light, silly or absurd. It’s all by design.

That’s why he might be discussing the complexities of Title IX in college athletics in one segment, and talking about someone getting attacked by a crocodile in the next. Travis is equally interested in both stories.

“The goal of everything we do at Outkick can be summed up with an acronym — SOFA. That stands for smart, original, funny and authentic. Ideally I want everything we do to have those four tenets. Some may find that jarring, but good stories, and effectively all we’re doing is telling a story every day, don’t only hit on one tone,” he says.

Travis lives in Franklin where he and his wife, Lara, raise their three sons: Fox, Lincoln and Nash. A 2004 graduate of Vanderbilt University Law School, Travis has been building his media enterprise ever since he discovered that a career in litigation was not for him. He didn’t quit his day job right away, but he began writing about sports – in some cases for free – until he could. He has this advice for others who want to outkick their coverage:

“Find a profession where you don’t know that time exists,” he says. “I get lost in writing and look up and hours have passed. If you can find something that consumes you like that, you’re going to work at it harder and longer than someone who is working entirely for money.

“Don’t get me wrong, finances are important, but if money is what drives you then eventually you will lose out to someone who works for passion. I think if you have great passion for something and work at it long enough, eventually the money follows.”