Meet Hollie Alphier 1

Where others fall apart 
over real 
life travails, this Real Wife puts 

Most working wives and moms are familiar with the hectic pace that comes with raising a family, maintaining a home and going to work. But few wear it as proudly as Hollie Alphier who lives in Franklin with her husband, Tony; his son, James (6) and her daughter, Hayden (7). You could say that the West Tennessee native is at peace among the chaos. And she’d agree. This Real Wife wouldn’t have it any other way!

“Tony works in IT for Avalon Technologies and is amazing with technology. Which is great for me because I suck at it! I am an admin/bookkeeper at CRG Waddill in Brentwood and I love my job!”

“We chose to move here a little over a year ago because of the schools but soon found out that everything else is equally as amazing!”

“I am mess! I try to stay organized and keep things clean but somehow life gets in the way and my house, my car and my purse end up being a disaster! If I know you are coming over or riding in my car, I will do a crazy last minute clean so you would never know. Stop by unannounced and you will get to see the disaster!”

“I have been into audio books lately. I listen to them on my way to/from work and on my monthly trips to Memphis to visit family and friends.”

“When it comes to food, my cravings are very Southern. Anything fried is my weakness! I love wine, particularly reds! It is my go-to drink! I also love beers, especially trying new ones.”