Locally Brewed Lovin' 2

She was a Franklin native working at The Perch, and he was a Vanderbilt engineering student looking for a quiet spot to do his homework. She was the bubbly “coffee girl” with a contagious smile, and he was contemplative and methodical.

From the moment she met him in the fall of 2013, Savannah knew there was something she liked about Kramer. He became a frequent face at The Perch, and after a few weeks of admiring from afar, Savannah decided to approach him while he worked.

Her “hi!” was met with nothing but a blank stare. She asked him what he was working on, and after a long (and awkward) pause, he finally replied, “Uhh, homework.”

Thankfully, their interactions improved after that, and Savannah offered him coffee on the house nearly every time she saw him at work. She liked him more every time she saw him, and her hints became more and more obvious. Kramer, however, chalked it up to nothing more than great customer service. Maybe it was his math homework consuming all his brain power, but after several months, he still wasn’t catching on.

2014 rolled around, and she hadn’t seen him in a while. She reached out to tell him that The Perch missed him, and he finally asked her on a coffee date. Two weeks later, “coffee girl” and the engineer-in-the-making were an item.

They dated in Nashville for a year before Kramer proposed near the home they would call their own in the Melrose area. Their October 2015 wedding was held at the Cordelle in downtown Nashville, and wedding guests were treated to breakfast and coffee– from The Perch, of course.

These days, you’ll still find them frequenting the many coffee shops of Nashville. Savannah dreams up illustrations for her baby clothing company, Simon + Co., while Kramer works on the other side of the table. The two just welcomed the arrival of their first child, Sadie Lou. The couple want their daughter to grow up in Franklin, just like Savannah did, so they bought a house here just before she was born.

“We’re those crazies who are moving to another town a month after the baby comes,” Savannah said.

But Sadie Lou will be raised in the same town in which her mom grew up and her parents fell in love – and still do every day – over coffee.

And for that, it’s worth all the crazy.