Guest Editor Bruce Pittman

This month our Guest Editor is Bruce Pittman. Bruce was instrumental in helping us develop this month’s cover story and supporting features. If you’ve ever attended a lavish wedding, soiree or gala around town, you’ve probably seen Bruce’s work. Here, in his own words, Bruce explains how he became Nashville’s Event Planner Extraordinaire.

-Ed Atlas

From the time I was a kid, I have been fascinated with the process of planning events. Student Council was my “golden ticket” while growing up at Goodpasture Christian School. They were the school’s “movers and shakers” and the ones who planned and executed campus events. A perfect fit for this guy!
This passion, coupled with living in a home that cooked, baked and entertained as a family, led to an early career in catering that started “illegally” in my Lipscomb University dorm room.

Wedding planners were around 18 years ago, but many couples utilized their florist or caterer to get them down the aisle. Soon, in addition to catering weddings, I began planning them.
I enjoy planning weddings for several reasons.
First and foremost, there is nothing like being part of one of the most memorable occasions for a couple. It’s rare that I don’t tear-up during a ceremony or while a heartfelt toast is made. And, there’s nothing better than seeing couples faces when shown the reception prior to guest entry.
Second, there are those weddings that come to you with special circumstances. Once, a father of the bride was terminally ill, and we all were just hoping he would be able to see his daughter walk down the aisle. And, there was the time I planned a wedding with a couple in which the bride shared with me that she was terminally ill. I feel these weddings take place with such different meaning. These wedding memories will always be part of my life.
And I am always honored to be part of weddings within the LGBT community. The meaning of these weddings can be vastly different for these couples. Some have been life partners for years, never dreaming they would have the opportunity to marry. Other couples couples meet, date, become engaged and are married. It’s a traditional process for most, but still new to their community.

I hope this issue serves you as a valued resource if you or someone you know is planning a wedding. “Thank you” to Lifestyle Publications for creating this special issue, and to the many partners that contributed to the included content. It’s an honor to be part of this project!

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