Homemade For The Holidays 8

Get creative this holiday season with simple DIY projects from friends around Franklin.

There is just something about the holidays that calls for homemade goodies and gifts. Make this holiday season all about giving with these simple DIY projects that will leave your house decorated, your skin glowing and your taste buds buzzing, all from businesses around town. All you have to do is gather your supplies or ingredients, and apply your creative talent!

Yardstick Christmas Trees

Provied by Lori Sesler of Good Day Gifts


  • Yardsticks (9 sticks for large tree, 3 sticks for small)
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks or wood glue
  • Paint (Artist’s choice. This version utilizes three complimentary shades of green, gold and white)
  • Brushes
  • Hacksaw or miter saw


  • Sand paper (120 grit or higher)
  • Twine
  • Ribbon
  • Ornament/decoration for top of tree
  • Chip paint brush


  1. Make base triangle whatever size you want. Cut sticks to length with hacksaw or miter saw. Glue base together or using hot glue or wood glue.
  2. Lay out yardsticks as you want on the base frame and mark cuts.
  3. Cut to length.
  4. Paint as you wish.
  5. Glue separate pieces to base.

Remaining steps are optional

  1. Add stencil painted letters, if you want.
  2. Sand it with vertical strokes of fine grit sandpaper (120 or higher)
  3. Add a white wash by only using a little white paint, well spread out onto a chip brush. Apply with vertical swipes of the brush.

For more details and pictures of this project, as well as plenty of wonderful gift ideas, check Lori’s website at gooddaygifts.net.

Holiday Shrub (non-alcoholic or cocktail versions)

Provided by Matt and Ashlea Hogancamp of Herban Market

Ingredients (All available at Herban Market)

  • 1/4 cup blackberries
  • 1 TBSP finely diced ginger
  • 2-3 thick slices of lemon
  • 2 oz blackberry ginger balsamic vinegar
  • 8 oz sparkling water


  1. Combine blackberries, ginger and lemon into a glass container.
  2. Add sparkling water.
  3. Add balsamic vinegar.
  4. Give the drink a taste – add any more of each ingredient, as desired.
  5. If you want this to be a cocktail, you can add your liquor of choice. Vodka would pair well with these ingredients.
  6. Enjoy.

Bath Time Exfoliant

Provided by Matt and Ashlea Hogancamp of Herban Market

Using all organic ingredients, this body scrub and bath time exfoliant will leave you feeling fresh and ready to host any and all holiday gatherings you have planned. Or simply enjoy a few quite moments at home.


  • 1/2 C Organic Cane Sugar
  • 2 oz Honest Coffee Grounds
  • 2 TBSP Dried Lemon Peel (you can use fresh, but dried is recommended)
  • 1 oz Whole Organic Lavender Flower
  • 4 oz Don Carlo Olive Oil (or any other high quality olive oil)


  1. Pour sugar into the bottom of a glass container.
  2. Add coffee grounds and layer on top of the sugar.
  3. Add lemon peel and layer on top of the sugar and coffee grounds.
  4. Add lavender flowers on top.
  5. Gently combine the lavender flowers.
  6. Pour the olive oil over the top.
  7. Give as a gift or enjoy for yourself!

Using the purest ingredients, this scrub will not only leave your skin feeling great, but it will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. The sugar is a perfect exfoliator, along with the coffee beans. The coffee beans also contain caffeic acid, which helps boost collagen production. The lemon peel contains citric and plant acids that work to cleanse, lighten and brighten the skin, remove dead skin and stimulate new skin growth. The lavender flowers smell fantastic and help you relax, and olive oil is packed with antioxidants (Vitamin E, polyphenols and phytosterols). Overall, you cannot go wrong with this scrub. It’s recommended you prepare this scrub in a glass container, like a mason jar. Bonus: By reusing your coffee grounds, this scrub can be made with pure and recycled products. Herban Market is located at 3078 Maddux Way in Franklin.