Meet Rebecca Frizzell 2

For the month’s Real Wife of Franklin, 
nurturing children really is a full-time job.

You remember the one about the customer who was so impressed with a particular product that he bought the company? Rebecca Frizzell, this month’s Real Wife of Franklin, can share a similar story.

“It was through a simple Internet search when looking for childcare for my 2-year-old son that I first became involved with Primrose Schools,” she says. “Subconsciously, I think I was searching for reasons not to go back to school. But when Mason, started at Primrose of Murfreesboro, I immediately fell in love with the curriculum and the philosophies behind it.”

That was way back in 2012.

Watching Mason learn and develop in a variety of areas – academics, social skills, character development, music, language and movement – changed the way Rebecca looked at early childhood education. She knew she had to be a part of the business and began to research ownership opportunities and convinced her mother to become her business partner.

Then, a stroke of good luck.

“While working with the corporate office to find a location for our school, we learned that the Primrose School of Cool Springs was available for a transfer sale and it was like a match made in heaven,” she says.

“I grew up in this area and it was the perfect opportunity to come back home to Williamson County.”

She became the owner officially in February 2015.

“To say the last 18 months have been a learning experience is understatement!” she says. “In addition to my personal and professional growth as a small business owner, it is a true pleasure to be a part of this community of families and an honor to educate and care for their children every day.”

Thanks to the relationships she’s made with Primrose families, Rebecca says she sees people she knows wherever she goes in Franklin. Of course, with her two sons, Mason (now 6) and Jonah (2), Rebecca and husband Joshua run in the same circles as her clients. And those children keep her running in circles, too.

There are toys strewn about the car and the house. Pizza is a popular and frequent meal and she can’t remember the last time she read a book.

“Moms have time to read?” she jokes. “What’s that like?”

When she does have time to unwind, Frizzell admits to being a “sucker” for reality and competition shows. She also enjoys cheering for the University of Tennessee, her alma mater, where she earned a degree in urban studies and regional planning.

The fact that she chose to do something with her career that seemingly has little to do with her college education would come as no surprise to those who know her best.

“My close friends would describe me as a walking conundrum,” she says. “My food and music choices, hobbies, likes and dislikes are spread across the board and are generally unrelated.”