Inspiring the Spark of Entrepreneurism 4

Initiative and innovative ideas are common attributes among Franklin’s leading entrepreneurs.

From Fortune 500 companies to great schools, and from efficient infrastructure to quality housing, a lot goes in to making a community vibrant. Something else that’s often overlooked is just as important: the entrepreneurial spirit.

These are the people with big ideas and dreams who assume all the risk without guarantees. And they are prevalent in Franklin and Williamson County.

Recently several of them met in Cool Springs at Spark: Lipscomb’s Idea Center to get acquainted and compare notes. Franklin Lifestyle was there as well. Here’s what we learned about some people around town that you may not have heard of, but should get to know.


Jamie + the Jones

For Jamie Frazier and Hannah Jones, fashion doesn’t just mean clothes— it’s a form of expression. The co-owners of Jamie + the Jones strive to use color and texture to create simple, wearable art for everyday style. Frazier and Jones first met at O’More College of Design, where they found that their talents were different, but their vision and design style were similar. After graduation in 2009, they founded Jamie + the Jones. Since then, the two have been creating whimsical and wearable looks using textile techniques like marbling and dyeing. Frazier and Jones draw their inspiration from color. They plan their collections around color, and believe that color has the ability to influence how we see and understand the world. All of their garments are produced in their Nashville studio.


Pure Barre Westhaven

As one of the most popular workout trends, barre classes are designed to engage your entire body to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. However, these are only a few of the reasons that Jessica Lewis opened Pure Barre Westhaven. Pure Barre is the largest and most established barre franchise in North America, and Pure Barre Westhaven offers barre classes, and also sells stylish “athleisure” clothing. Lewis, who is also a mother of four, credits barre with helping her build lean strength, and also with giving her a sense of resolve that carries over into her everyday life. She believes that barre offers an escape when facing other challenges. “I truly want Pure Barre Westhaven to be that same sacred space to others, where women (and men) can come for strong bodies, minds, and community,” Lewis says.


Graphitti Sign & Graphic Design Studio

After more than 20 years of leading marketing initiatives for national engineering and construction firms and managing environmental projects, Stephen Culp put his experience into his own entrepreneurial venture: Graphitti Sign and Graphic Design Studio. His business not only offers traditional signage, but also creates conference displays, vehicle wraps, banners, and graphics for walls, floors, and windows. The name was inspired by a combination of the words “graffiti” and “graphic,” and symbolizes the business’s innovative approach to projects. By fusing creativity and technology, Graphitti works with its clients to design high-quality projects. In addition to his business, Culp is an active member of the Nashville and Franklin community, a member of the Nashville American Marketing Association, and volunteers with Nashville Public Schools.


Shannon Eye Care

From the time she was a little girl, Shannon Zingle dreamed of owning her own private practice. That dream came true in 2015, when she opened Shannon Eye Care in Franklin. Shannon Eye Care offers a boutique-like atmosphere, with handpicked collections and stylish eyeglasses. With her entrepreneurial venture, Dr. Zingle seeks to create a business that reflects her personality while also providing patients with her undivided attention. She deeply values the relationship between doctor and patient, and makes sure her patients know that she cares about their vision health. In addition to providing excellent care for her patients, Dr. Zingle also offers pro-bono eye exams to veterans and families who are receiving assistance from domestic violence rehabilitation. She also carries a line of glasses that donates a portion of its proceeds to animal rescues across the U.S.


Spring Hollow Farm

Wagyu Cattle are considered some of the best cows for beef in the world. Their meat is so flavorful that it is considered a delicacy in many circles. However, in the U.S., these cattle are fairly rare, with only about 7,000 of them registered. Tom Moon, a member of Williamson Farmers Cooperative and owner of Spring Hollow Farm, is working to bring the taste of wagyu beef to Middle Tennessee. Moon is a former Army captain who, after a 20-year legal career, purchased a 300-acre farm in Williamson County. Moon began his herd with Angus cattle, but after tasting wagyu at Kayne Prime in Nashville, he knew that was what he wanted to raise. He started with a herd of 12 and one bull, and eventually plans to expand to 200. Moon loves the contentment that comes from raising cattle, and plans to continue doing so as long as he can.


Helistar Aviation

Adelynn Chapman became interested in aviation while in high school but she put her high-flying dreams on hold for college. After graduating from O’More College of Design with a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising she returned to flight lessons and has steadily padded her rating resume. Chapman earned her instrument rating in 2011 and her helicopter rating in 2012. She is currently working on her Commercial Fixed-Wing and multi-engine ratings. Along with her husband, Keith (a captain for Southwest Airlines), she is co-owner of Helistar Aviation, a helicopter charter/rental/training service based at Nashville’s John C. Tune Airport. Chapman also owns two construction companies: Arlyn Homes, and AMF Construction. As a third generation builder, she specializes in residential homes and small commercial. She obtained her real estate license as well and has been with Battle Ground Realty for the past nine years.