Teachers of the Year 14

County School System Honors 
Educators that go Above and Beyond.

Williamson County Schools is one of the top districts in the state, and has been recognized not only for its academic achievements, but also for its high-caliber faculty and staff. The quality of programs available at the schools have made it possible for students to thrive both socially and academically, and the district has been credited with furthering Williamson County’s economic growth by attracting more families to the area.

Although providing students with an exceptional education requires hundreds of teachers at all levels, three were recognized last year for their outstanding contribution to the Williamson County School District. Here’s a closer look at what inspires the Williamson County 2016 Teachers of the Year.


Ravenwood High School

Currently Teaches: Economics Honors, Contemporary Issues

Years Teaching: 13

What inspired you to teach?

I needed purpose in my career.  I had some fantastic teachers who all made positive impacts on me.  I wanted to do the same.  I wanted to come home at night and know that I had done something good with my day.  I wanted the peace that I had helped society, even if just a little.

What is your favorite part of teaching?

I love the joy that my students get from their successes.  I love the fact that when our students win something, I get to share in the joy that they feel.  I don’t know of another job in which people get to experience the kind of team mentality that we do.


Grassland Middle School

Currently Teaches: French

Years Teaching: 18 (university for 7, current school for 11).

What inspired you to teach?

I think I’ve always wanted to be a teacher–I used to love playing school when I was young.  I’m not sure the neighborhood kids appreciated it much but I loved it.  Growing up, I always seemed to have that one teacher who was interesting and challenging and cared about his/her students.

What is your favorite part of teaching?

I really love watching students “get it” as they progress through the school year.  In teaching French, it’s great to watch them start the year knowing nothing and by the end of the year, they can read an entire book and write their autobiography in French.  When I tell them at the beginning of the year they’ll be able to do that, they don’t believe me!  They are so proud of themselves when they realize they really can.


Clovercroft Elementary

Currently Teaches: Music

Total years teaching: 21

What inspired you to teach?

I was inspired by the many teachers in my life including my mother , grandmother, and great-aunt. Several teachers I had in school gave me opportunities to develop my skills in their classroom while I was still a student. My love of music and children seemed a natural fit to pursue a career in music education.

What is your favorite part of teaching?

The children!  Getting to know them over the course of six years; watching them grow and develop is still a thrill.