Bringing High-Quality Local Flavor to Franklin Tables 11

Herban Market is Ashlea and Matt Hogancamp’s dream-come-true.

If you’ve ever shopped for groceries and gotten frustrated trying to decipher ingredients on food labels, you’re not alone. Like many health-conscious Americans, Ashlea and Matt Hogancamp felt a growing discontent with the quality of readily available food. As parents of a two-year-old daughter, this issue has become increasingly important to them. After years of dreaming and planning, they decided to do something about it and open their own store.

“We opened this store because, as parents, we wanted a place where people could go and get clean food options,” says Ashlea. “Our mission is to have the cleanest, most affordable organic food in town. If we wouldn’t feed it to our family, it’s not going in our store.”

After scouting out cities like Louisville, Cincinnati and St. Louis, they settled on Franklin after falling in love with the area. The love of Franklin is reflected in the store decor. In addition to the wide variety of local products, Herban Market is decorated with authentic local barn wood and the walls feature original work from local artists.

“It could have been anywhere, but we chose Franklin,” says Ashlea. “We looked everywhere, and everything led us right back here. This location was perfect.”

Located just off Franklin Road at 3708 Maddux Way, the store is convenient for commuters shuttling around Franklin and Brentwood. Shoppers will discover locally-brewed kombucha on draft, nutritional supplements, smoothies, on-demand organic juices, pour-over coffee, soups, salads, sandwiches, bulk herbs and spices, local honey, granola, bulk organic nuts, fresh eggs, locally-produced soap and body care products, High Garden tea from East Nashville, essential oils and a variety of fresh local produce.

“If we can get it local, we will always get it local,” says Ashlea. “We will never skimp on quality.”

Herban Market also features grass-fed and locally-sourced meats. Offerings include whole chicken, bratwurst, beef, bison, bacon, sausage, pork and more. They also offer halibut, dry-packaged scallops and other wild-caught seafood from a trusted fisherman and seafood provider in Alaska.

“We are always vigilant and extremely selective about what we put in the store,” says Matt.

Since opening last fall, Herban Market has experienced consistent growth with a wealth of repeat customers. One of the reasons for the loyal following is the carefully curated offerings. Herban Market wants to take all the guesswork out of grocery shopping.

“We wanted to create a place where you could come in and not have to study the labels,” says Matt. “We’ve done all the homework for you.”

Every food item has been thoroughly vetted by both Matt and Ashlea. Many products you might commonly see at large organic stores simply don’t make the cut at Herban Market.

“We’ve talked to all the farmers and visited all the farms,” says Ashlea. “We quiz all of our food producers. Knowing what you’re getting with absolute transparency is important to us.”

One of the store’s more popular features is its massive selection of balsamic vinegars, olive oils and specialty oils. With more than 68 flavors and varieties, it’s the biggest selection in Williamson County, and shoppers are always encouraged to sample before they buy. Shoppers also enjoy coming in on the first Saturday of the month as the store offers giveaways, food tastings and even some live music. It’s these kinds of unique touches that are cementing Herban Market’s place in the hearts of Franklin’s health-conscious.

“This is Franklin’s own place,” says Ashlea. “People tell us all the time that it’s like something you’d find in California or Oregon.”

Judging by their rapid growth and happy repeat customers, Herban Market is poised to be a fixture in Franklin for many years to come, a true destination for those looking for impeccable friendly service, local flavor and high-quality food.