To New Beginnings...

Oh Franklin, it didn’t take long for your charm to work its magic on my family. But first, a little history…

Being raised in a small town in South Georgia, I value small things, like speaking to everyone I see, giving a subtle nod to all I make eye contact with, and the overall friendliness the south is well known for. After visiting Nashville on business, I realized virtually every preconceived notion I had was false. The scenic landscape, superb school system, focus on family and more were all I needed to see. I was hooked.  I immediately devised a plan to convince my wife to move.

The first step to my master plan was to bring her up to visit Franklin…in January.  Needless to say, the weather had other plans, and we never set foot out of the hotel. I didn’t give up. I convinced my wife to return with me to Franklin for a long weekend in February. I knew if I introduced her to Historic Downtown Franklin with the weather on my side, it was a shoo-in. I was right. After only a few hours of visiting what seemed like EVERY shop, she quietly said exactly what I was waiting for, “I love it here.” Moving trucks were promptly at our Georgia residence two weeks later!

We’re extremely proud to provide you engaging stories about the people and businesses of Franklin, Tenn. every month, mailed directly to your home.  Our goal is simple: we hope to play a small role in helping the area flourish by producing each issue as a resource filled with relevant and captivating content, special events, community news, and more. Franklin Lifestyle is YOUR magazine and we hope to do you proud.

I’d like to thank the outstanding advertising partners that have placed their trust in us to reach over 14,000 Franklin homes and 75,000+ local readers. We promise to work hard each and every month to be a good steward of your time and resources. We ask our readers to patronize our advertising partners as we are very deliberate with who we choose to represent our magazine and the city of Franklin.

Thank you to my awesome team (and neighbors), the City of Franklin, the Heritage Foundation, our partners at the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce, and all of the other great local organizations for their outstanding support of Franklin Lifestyle.

This inaugural issue would not be possible without the trust, tenacious drive and faith of my friends, Lisa and Jim Alyn.  Your kindness and willingness to help will never be forgotten and is a testament to how amazing you both really are. It’s a beautiful thing to connect with people instantly – especially when you discover that you were born in the same small city, 428 miles south of Franklin! I dedicate this issue to you, Lisa, and the good city of Franklin, our new home.

From my family to yours, cheers!

Donald J. Hawkins, Publisher