The Boys are Back in Town 10

Meet the men whose wide ranging talents 
help make Franklin a great place to live.

In Franklin, as with any city, people make the town. For it’s premiere issue, Franklin Lifestyle is pleased to introduce you to some of the men who help make this an exceptional community. The Boys were back in town recently and we caught up with them at Vanderbilt Legends Club to find out what inspires them to be who they are.


Occupation: Owner, Ashworth Law Firm, PLLC

College: University of Tennessee (Spanish, 2005), Nashville School of Law (2005)

Hometown: Franklin

Residence: Franklin

Franklin native Rob Ashworth appreciates the value of the community his hometown provides. After graduating from the Nashville School of Law in 2013, he opened his law firm in a quaint building he purchased in the heart of downtown.

Ashworth and his wife, Sloan, have two young sons, Cullen and Wilder, and it’s fitting that they raise their family here. His grandfather was once the postmaster of Franklin, his mother has taught in Williamson County for more than 30 years, and Ashworth himself marks the fourth generation in his family to graduate from Battle Ground Academy.

Ashworth volunteers with Wills for Heroes, an event hosted by the Tennessee Bar Association that provides free estate planning services for retired Tennessee servicemen and women.


Occupation: Consultant, Agency MJ

College: Western Kentucky Community and Technical College

Hometown: Mayfield, Ky.

Residence: Franklin

Ryan Blackwell exhibited his entrepreneurial spirit at age 12 when started a landscaping business with a lawnmower he purchased with help from his father. Nine years later he sold the business, the first of many successful ventures. “I’ve learned that when you get knocked down, you have to pick yourself back up, no matter how embarrassed or frustrated you feel at times.”

Blackwell moved to Franklin in 2010, and currently works as a consultant who matches high-end directors and photographers with professional jobs and projects. When he’s not working, you’ll find him golfing or taking a walk with his daughter, Etsie, at Pinkerton Park. Blackwell loves the welcoming community of Franklin, and he’s found a place to serve others at Cross Point Church’s Franklin campus.


Occupation: Co-Founder, Ebars

Hometown: Knoxville

Residence: Westhaven

Dave Dalton founded EBars on the belief that every human being deserves to be treated with dignity, and that the power to dignify comes through wholesome food. Since the company’s beginnings, Dalton has made sure that each bar is made from the purest possible ingredients and held to the highest nutritional standards. Each bar is certified 100 percent USDA Organic, a process Dalton likens to climbing the final summit of Mount Everest. The bars are specially formulated based on sport, gender, and function and are featured on the PGA circuit. Dalton continually works to ensure EBars will help golfers stay calm, alert, and in “the zone.” Dalton is inspired and encouraged by his wife Jan, who he jokingly refers to as his “better ¾.” He says “her unfailing prayer and encouragement has put ‘steel in my back’ when I did not have the strength to stand on my own.”


Occupation: CPA, Humphres & Associates, P.C.

College: Lynchburg (Va.) College (2001) and Belmont University

Residence: Franklin

Jamie Humphres was three years old when his father moved the family from northern Alabama to Franklin for a job opportunity. A few years later, his dad opened his own accounting, firm Humphres & Associates. Humphres went to work with the firm following college and, after his father retired, took over the day-to-day operations. Humphres & Associates provides business planning and management for individuals and entities nationwide, with a client base that includes musicians, actors, athletes and songwriters. For leisure, Humphres enjoys spending time with his wife, Amanda, and sons Jamison (6) and Jonah (5). “It’s hard not be thankful to have a successful business,” says Humphres. “I’m motivated to do the best job I can for my clients because their consistent feedback inspires me to continue to want to do well for them.”


Occupation: Orthodontist

College: University of Tennessee, Memphis 
(B.S. in Biology and Chemistry); Doctor of Dental Science; Post-doctoral Master of Science in Orthodontics

Hometown: Gainesboro, Tenn.

Residence: A farm south of Franklin

David Kemp was in seventh grade when the compassionate action of an orthodontist inspired him to pursue his career. Kemp’s family had financial issues and the orthodontist helped Kemp get the straight teeth he most likely would never have. “This act of kindness impressed me so much that my path was set,” he says. Kemp is indebted to that orthodontist to this day noting, “I have the greatest job in the world. It’s much more than braces and creating beautiful smiles. It’s really all about developing strong relationships.”

Kemp points to numerous relationships where he was able to change patients’ lives. However there is one person who has changed his: his wife, Rhonda. “Rhonda has inspired me and given me the opportunity to become who I am; she is my greatest fan and makes me look good.”


Occupation:  Director of Marketing and Media, Snaproll

College:  Middle Tennessee State University 
(Digital Media and Mass Communication, 2002)

Hometown:  Decatur, Ala.

Residence:  Spring Hill

When someone tells Ben Linderman to hit the road, he couldn’t be happier. That’s because Linderman competes in over 20 road bike and mountain bike events every year. He also raced motorcycles for two years after graduating from college. His decision to attend Middle Tennessee State brought him to Nashville and closer to family. He began working for Snaproll about a year ago and oversees the marketing and media functions for a company known for its expertise with unmanned aerial vehicles, a niche that combines the expertise of licensed helicopter pilots with the intuitive eye of aerial camera operators. Linderman is quick to point out that when he’s not at work doing cool things with drones, he has other fond interests. He says, “I love my wife. I love my church. Faith, family and friends are so important to me.”


Occupation: Financial Advisor

College: St. Louis University 
(Business Administration, 1985)

Hometown:  St. Louis

Residence: Franklin

Many of us are familiar with the saying “A good friend is hard to find.” But for financial advisor Patrick McFarland, this wasn’t the case. After a successful career in the newspaper business, McFarland retired from The Tennessean several years ago. He was in career transition when a great thing happened. He says, “I had some friends in the financial services business and one of them in the Edward Jones St. Louis office recruited me into the business.” McFarland began working for Edward Jones and moved to Franklin two months later. He has lived here since 2004. He is personally motivated by his family and professionally inspired by working with clients to meet their financial goals. Says McFarland, “I’m inspired by the gratification I get and the good I am doing in helping my clients reach their financial goals – goals many didn’t think they could ever achieve.”


Occupation: Owner, Snaproll Media

Hometown: Atlanta

Residence: Franklin

Preston Ryon’s first flight lesson at the age of 11 marked the beginning of a lifelong passion for things that fly. Long before “drone” was part of the lexicon, Ryon was experimenting with cameras strapped to remote-controlled helicopters. That led to the creation of Snaproll Media in 2008. Since then, he has worked on the set of major films such as The Fast and the Furious, filmed commercials for nearly every major automotive company and toured with Taylor Swift. He has worked with the Motion Picture Association of America to help create safe usage procedures for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and Snaproll is one of only six companies to be granted an exemption from the FAA, allowing them to legally use UAVs in commercial, television and film productions. Whether he’s working on a Hollywood set or enjoying a day by the lake, Ryon is grateful for the support and encouragement of his wife, Jennifer.

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